Biomes- Mostly ocean and tundra

Habitat- Mainly Antarctica, but also South Africa, Australia, South America, and New Zealand

Behavior/Activities- Penguins are very social animals; they travel travel, breed, nest, and feed in large groups. They also travel in large groups for safety reasons. They don't have many activities, because they spend most of their time hunting or caring for their families.

Life Span- Average of 10 years

Relationship With Humans-
Sometimes, they approach humans without hesitation. It is beleived they do this because there are hardly any land predators near penguins, so humans aren't believed as major threats.

Conservation- It is illegal to interfere with a penguin or its eggs. Currently, there are at least 3 species considered at risk. There is an unknown population of penguins, but it is estimated that there are around 25 million pairs.


Here's a map of where penguins live in the world.